If there is one tip you can take on how to sell, it is this. Never sell the same way twice, because no buyer will buy two products in the same way. Every buyer is as unique in their way of buying and as individual as their DNA and finger prints. You make think I am being far-fetched in saying that. A simple way to look at it is this. No two conversations you have had are ever the same.

Every Conversation is Different

Think about all the conversations you have had with your friends, family and professional colleagues. So why should your buyers be any different? Every conversations must be approached as if you are selling for the first time . I like the expression “beginner’s mind”, because it reminds me to act as if I know nothing, when meeting a buyer. I always seek to find out how the buyer works. I assume nothing and I learn as the conversations progresses, how the buyer is thinking about what they going to buy.

When you next have a conversation with a prospective buyer and want to win more sales, think about all the different ways a buyer can think and talk about your product. Look at all the people you have sold to. Did they buy in the same way? The answer is probably “NO”.

Listen for Buying Patterns

You may not be aware of buying patterns and filters that are operating, but there are at least 10 or more that are influencing how your buyer will make the decision. I am going to touch on a few here. Some will buy on impulse, because they are convinced immediately, while others will need a few conversations to make the decision, sometimes over a few days or weeks.

It is wise not to push the buyer too fast towards closing the sale. One person will need to see exactly what they are buying. Another will need to hear testimonials and another one will have to test it out by trying it on experientially. One will drill down to the minute details and another will never ask how it works, they will be happy with the overall picture. A last example is where a buyer will decide themselves that it’s time to buy, while another will ask you or somebody else’s opinion. It’s important to notice what’s going on. Attention to the signals in the language will allow you to do this.

Selling Tips to Remember in a Sales Call

As a guideline to increase your sales and improve you selling skills, a few points to remember in your next sales meeting:

  • No buyer will buy two products the same way.
  • Every buyer has a different reason for buying, find out what it is.
  • Buyers are influenced and buy through multiple filters. Listen for them.
  • Buyers are adjusting your information to their map by deleting, generalising and distorting some of what you say. Track what’s going on.
  • Pay close attention to buyer body language, behaviour, verbal cues and intentions. Their motivation to buy is written there.
  • Never assume how a buyer will purchase or how much they can afford.